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Is Investing In Tenerife Property A Good Idea?

Is Investing In Tenerife Property A Good Idea?

Today there are a lot of people from Western Europe, especially in the UK who are interested in investing in properties overseas. At first glance, it may appear that the amount of attractive locations to discover an ideal apartment of holiday home for the purposes of retirement in the sunny destinations is endless.

The exotic locations like the Caribbean Islands are always tempting along with the sunshine state of Florida in the U.S. Central Europe that includes mainland Spain and France are already home to a number of UK expatriates, while Eastern Europe with its latest republics that have started to pop up everywhere offers interesting possibilities.

So with the abundance of outstanding choices on offer, why is it that people still think of Tenerife as the ideal choice for those who are looking to invest in properties abroad?

The Incredible Weather

If you had to ask 10 of the UK expatriates why they have chosen to move abroad, about 9 of these would tell you that they wanted to get away from the icy cold British winters and typically disappointing and wet summers. This offers more of a reason for you to choose a new destination after you compare the year round climates for each potential opportunity. Temperatures that can be extreme often afflict the countries that were mentioned above and humidity levels that are regarded as uncomfortable, endless dreary and dull days or tropical storms, means you are often left hoping for a couple of months to enjoy the summer sun.

In comparison, the weather conditions in Tenerife are regarded as one of the best across the globe. This includes warm and comfortable summer days with average temperatures of around 82ºF (28ºC) during the day with mild and short winters which only last for around 4 months. Even in the winter months the temperature will rarely drop below 73ºF (23ºC). In addition, there are no earthquakes, hurricanes, no humidity or summer temperatures that become unbearably hot.

Excellent Investment Value

In the UK, the housing markets often undergo cycles of property prices that fluctuate. This can mean that you may buy a home now, only to discover in a year’s time the property is worth a lot less. Tenerife does not experience unpredictable price increases or decreases, but rather moves forward each year with a rate of about 10% growth.
Many English estate agents in Tenerife agree that property on the island offers great value, especially in premium locations where the returns have seen a steady growth.

Minimal Travelling Time

One of the other important concerns for the majority of the people that want to live “in the Sun.” It is clear that buying a property in the Caribbean or the US will involve long and costly flights, often accompanied by stopovers and then you still have to worry about getting from the airport to the home. Even a mild 2 to 3 hour flight to a country like Spain can increase this time by double or triple when you have to travel from and to the airports. And nearly everyone is aware of the traffic in regards to the UK, whereby a Friday night drive from the Midlands onto the South Coast on average will take you around 5 to 6 hours.

When you compare Tenerife, you are able to fly from just about every airport in the UK to the international and modern airport in Tenerife in as little as 4 hours. From here the main locations of the South are a short 10 to 15 minute drive along their modern motorway.

The Language Barrier

In previous years, language has definitely been a barrier or concern for people looking to improve their way of living. When it comes to living in warmer and gentle environments and even in a country like France or various other Central Europe parts requires an in depth knowledge when it comes to the local-tongue of these areas.

In Tenerife the official language may be Spanish, but English is the language that is spoken the most extensively, and in the South is just as popular as Spanish.

Security & Stability

Security is another concern that is often raised when people are looking to buy a property abroad and needs to be thought about carefully. In the Eastern republics that mystical charm will immediately wear off, when you find out that the laws and the rules in these countries are very different to what you know in the UK. Even when it comes to Southern states in America such as close to Miami, where many people have made the decision to invest or live, there are a number of areas that are regarded as unsuitable or no-gos.

When compared to Tenerife, the laws are observed in civilized and modern ways. This is not to suggest that Tenerife is a crime free area, but crime is deterred by the aggressive Policia Locale and Guardia Civil. Here the house thefts and car crimes along with common type of street crimes are far lower when compared to the majority of the British towns.

In conclusion, Tenerife still remains well above most of the other options when it comes to buying a second home. This includes the outstanding weather, easy to arrive at, sound investment and a secure and safer environment for you and your family to enjoy. This also includes the stunning mountain ranges, cosmopolitan cities and beautiful beaches.

This island features a number of micro-climates and travelling from one place to another you will soon discover the diversity of this island. This includes the lush and green areas of the North through the pine forests onto El Pico del Teide which is covered in snow in the winter onto the sun-drenched areas of the South.

Other attractions include 10 championship golf courses, along with outstanding planned sea-diving activities, yachting, windsurfing and more. The costs of living are also low, with fuel about 50% less than what you pay in the UK, cigarettes are 25% less and eating at restaurants is also about 50% less. In addition your council rates are minimal when you compare it to what you would pay in the UK.

There is also an easy link to other parts of the Canary Islands with a modern and fast ferry, which can mean you leave Los Cristianos and be walking around the stunning island of La Gomera a mere 30 minutes later.

The 217 miles of the Tenerife coastline, is home to one of the most stunning unspoilt and beautiful islands. Thousands of people from the UK have already made the decision to call this paradise their homes, and every year this amount grows. If you have had thoughts about buying an investment property, Tenerife is definitely a great deal to consider.

Once you find a good estate agent, it should be an easy process and they will be able to provide you with a good selection of properties to choose from.

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